Thewomenspress seeks to bring awareness and empower women through education, representation, and opportunity. We provide detailed excerpts about some of the featured women on our complementary Instagram page (TWP, @thewomenspress). Here, we represent diverse women of all backgrounds and histories because we know names, diversity, and representation matters. We want to put a name to the face you may or may not already know and keep a permanent resource for you to reference whenever you want a reminder.

Firstly, we focus on women in the arts. Secondly, we  focus women who persist through social justice. Sometimes they overlap. Occasionally, we feature women in business and commerce. We plan on expanding to have writers feature scientists & mathematicians, sports, etc.,

We aim to raise funds to pay our writers. Right now we ask for essays and reviews voluntarily but we would also like to pay our women writers to support them financially as well.

We aim to raise funds to create merchandise including but not limited to: totes, bookmarks, card games for children, and pocketbooks for adults

We aim to enlist education specialists into designing materials for all grade levels to incorporate women into at least 50% of the curriculum. We are going to collect and design units and resources that feature strong women writers or protagonists. We envision a day where it would be legally necessary to include women into school curriculum.


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