Latina Feminism, Modernism & Tradition in “Imitadora” by Romeo Santos

I cannot place this analysis outside myself and it deals with issues primarily rooted in my identity as a Cuban-American woman, educated three times over in language, literature, and education.  The song touches on issues of female identity, narrated by a man (a lover with desires), and language between lovers.

Imitadora, Imitation Woman, is about a lover who sings to his woman, telling her, in essence that he misses her as she once was. My inner feminist and ontologist questions this essentialized self. Who was she ever and how can you determine that she is not that way anymore? Who are you to define who she was and who she is? But the lover in me swoons. Continue reading “Latina Feminism, Modernism & Tradition in “Imitadora” by Romeo Santos”

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