Jenny Zhang

As I got older, I found depictions of children in fiction less and less compelling. We fetishize a child’s capacity for fantasy, wonder, and purity, but we also scorn them, treat them as idiots, use them as mirrors for our own wounds and egos. Children are both overestimated and underestimated.

  1. Jenny Zhang was born in Shanghai, China and is 35 years old
  2. She studied Race & Ethnicity at Stanford and obtained her MFA at the Iowa Writers Workshop
  3. Taught as a high school teacher in NYC
  4. Discovered her talent in elementary school entering a poetry competition in her ESL class. She claims to have immediately loved the attention and validation
  5. She is fascinated about the body and writes boldly about bodily functions: sex, vaginas, penises, defecating, vomiting, and urinating and all other natural physical occurrences in a non-sexual and matter-of-fact, if not humorous, way
  6. Hates grammar Nazis
  7. Writes Regularly for Rookie and Lenny
  8. Highly recommends: 

    9 . Named one of the best books of the year by: The New Yorker, NPR, O: The Oprah Magazine, BuzzFeed, Nylon, and more!

    10. Wrote: Dear Jenny We’re All Find and Sour Heart 
    404432_10150608297400379_746425378_11271087_1956851763_n  Sour-Heart-Jenny-Zhang

 “Ode to Joy”: “We shall have everything we want and there’ll be no more dying.” O’ Hara

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