Janelle Monae

“Continue to embrace the things that make you unique, even if it makes others feel uncomfortable. You are enough.”

  1. 32, born in Kansas
  2. Through album “Dirty Computer”, she admits her personal commitment to her responsibility as an artist: “This is the first time that I released something with a lot of emotion. The people I love feel threatened. I’ve always understood the responsibility of an artist — but I feel it even greater now. And I don’t want to stay angry, but write and feel triumphant.”
  3. First nominated for a Grammy  for “Many Moons”
  4. Rumored girlfriend, Tessa Thomspon, who stars in “Sorry to Bother You”, makes an appearance in “Make Me Feel”, a bisexual anthem
  5. invited to speak at the Women’s March “I March Against the Abuse of Power”
  6. There, she performed “Hell you Talkin’ ‘Bout” to honor Sandra Bland #sayhername and for the mothers of lost children, including Treyvon Martin
  7. In response to “How do you deal with stress?”: gets together with friends to play music, allows herself to be frustrated for exactly 3 minutes, does yoga, and calls home (grandmother)
  8. Starred in Moonlight as Paula, mother of Chiron
  9. Mentored by Prince 
  10. Goal: Be as Free  as possible . Choose Freedom Over Fear

“but Prince is in that ‘free motherfucker’ category. That’s the category when we can recognise in each other that you’re also a free motherfucker. Whether we curse or not, we see other free motherfuckers. David Bowie! A free motherfucker.

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