Roxane Gay

I think writing always gives us control over the things that we can’t actually control in our lives, so taking control of the narrative of my body as a public space was absolutely helpful in terms of thinking about my relationship to my body.

  1. Born in Omaha, Nebraska
  2. Haitian-American
  3. Teaches at Purdue University
  4. Procrastinator extraordinaire
  5. Body-Positive: writes about the contradictory messages of the public and the relationship she has with her body
  6. Trauma Survivor : writes boldly, bravely, and candidly about rape and rape culture
  7. Claims Zadie Smith as her literary hero
  8. Created graphic novel: “The World of Wakanda” (Black Panther) with Marvel
  9. Best advice ever received: “…my friend Matt Seigel told me to just be myself because otherwise, if I got hired as the person I was pretending to be, I would have to keep up that pretense for the rest of my career.”
  10. On being accepted into the gay community as bi-sexual: No community has been more welcoming to me, and when I needed community the most, [that] community was there for me. It was like discovering water for the first time, discovering clean air for the first time — to be seen, and to be appreciated and to be thought of as sexy and beautiful

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Notable works:

I was simply writing my truth

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