Ashley Bouder

“I think a lot of people in companies don’t want to write about it for fear of retaliation, because we’re still very much run by men,” she said. “So if you’re a woman that speaks out, then you lose opportunities. That’s happened to me.

  • Principal ballerina for NYCB
  • 34, mother of a little girl, Violet
  • studied political science at Fordham University
  • founded Ashley Bouder Project (2014), to furthering female and marginalized individuals’ voices in the dance and music worlds
  • shamelessly called out Ratmansky’s sexist comment: : “sorry, there is no such thing as equality in ballet: women dance on point, men lift and support women. women receive flowers, men escort women offstage. not the other way around and I am very comfortable with that.”
  • Raised awareness of the lack of female choreographers and composers (she has NEVER in all of her career, danced to a piece composed by a woman)
  • According to Louvette, a colleague, Bouder has fallen more than anyone, but has also succeeded more for it
  • Has employed Lauren Lovette, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Gianna Reisen in her endeavors


Further Reading:
Read her compelling feature at the New York Times: Ashley Bouder, the Feminist Ballerina With a Mission  and her bold and brazen interview (seriously engaging read, even as a non-dancer!):  Ashley Bouder: It’s Time for Ballet to Embrace Feminism 


After years of dealing with instances of sexism, she had run out of patience: “I just don’t care anymore. It’s time to say something.”

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