Carmen Yulín Cruz

As a Puerto Rican, not as a mayor, I believe that this is the opportunity to make our island nation more equitable and caring.

  1. 55 years old
  2. BA in Political Science from BU and MS in in Public Management and Policy
  3. Married to her husband, psychologist and professor Alfredo Carrasquillo, after three months of dating .
  4. held office of the Popular Democratic party from 1/1/09-1/1/13
  5. First student at Carnegie Mellon to receive the Barbara Jenkins award for service and contributions to the college
  6. has worked with Jim Messina to establish US/PR relations, specifically in health care and education funds
  7. Against privatization of public institutions and fading unions
  8. Gained influence through her criticism of President Trump’s lack of support during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria (hit Sep 20th)
  9. While FEMA is beginning to pull out of the country, claiming that it has seen the restoration of supermarkets, Cruz begs that they stay, due to the fact that 35% of the population still has no power. “If you don’t have power, you don’t have capacity to keep food in your house.”
  10. twitter handle @CarmenYulinCruz


El Gobernador sigue dividiendo al país. Los que no apoyen sus ideas están en contra del país. Necesitamos más visión y menos división. 21h tweet 3/28


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